Noah’s Ark Movie Not True to Story. Why God Flooded The Earth and Saved Noah


The movie Noah stirred up some serious controversy.  Critics of the film which chronicles the story from the bible say that it is not Biblical or religious.  They argue that it outlines an entirely different and inaccurate series of events, and that it is just a bad movie as well.  The atheist director of the film calls it “the least biblical biblical movie ever made.”  So why did he make a movie about Noah?   Here’s what the actors had to say at the premier.

I generally agree with the actors at the beginning of the Fox review, and I also agree there should be some creative license when making movies.

But when I saw how the directors/producers decided to make such drastic changes to the biblical account, I understood the why the critics were so harsh.

When it comes to our documented Biblical history, creative license is assumed to at least carry on the truth of the events that happened, rather than skew our history to future generations.  This only furthers our children from the truth of our ancestry.

Maybe the atheist author is trying to bring the world together without God, maybe it’s just new age thinking or maybe it’s just about the almighty dollar, I don’t know.  I did not see the movie and I probably won’t.  I would rather see a fictional (non-biblical) movie, than support a biblical epic that turns the truth on its head.

Here’s and excerpt from one source:

I am certain there are more unbiblical aspects of the movie that I am not remembering, and there might be more aspects of the movie that were biblical. But, that is beside the point. I simply do not understand why the directors/producers decided to make such drastic changes to the biblical account. I understand the need to take artistic license. After all, the biblical flood account only comprises four chapters. Clearly, some content, scenes, and dialogue would need to be added to make a 2+ hour movie.

But, artistic license can be taken without directly contradicting what the Bible says. For example:

Noah could be presented as struggling with whether humanity should be allowed to continue without him being portrayed as a psychotic baby murderer. The Bible does not present Noah as having this struggle, but it is conceivable, likely even, that Noah and his family would have some emotional turmoil.

How about having the ark defended by God Himself, by holy angels, by Noah and his sons, or even by extra animals not on board the ark? Why fallen angel rock monsters? The Bible does not record an army trying to force their way onto the ark, but it could have happened. It just would not have been fallen angels defending the ark.

It is entirely possible to create great biblical movies with appropriate degrees of artistic license. Sadly, Noah is not such a movie. At best, it is a fictional retelling loosely based on the biblical account of Noah.

Should Christians see the Noah movie? I will leave that up to your own convictions. For Christians with a solid understanding of the biblical flood account, the movie can be a powerful reminder of God’s wrath against sin and God’s mercy in saving us. The one scene of the movie that I found to be powerful was Noah and his family huddling inside the ark hearing the screams of the dying people outside the ark. I had never really thought about what it must have been like to be the only survivors of a global catastrophe.  Continue reading here.

The sad part is, actual Biblical and historical accounts of why God flooded the earth and saved Noah, is even more epic, because it’s true.


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