BREAKING: Hamas Rejects Israel’s Proposed 4-hour Gaza War Truce Extension

Hamas Rejects Truce Extension

Resuming rocket-fire on Israel, a Hamas official says the group has rejected a four-hour extension of a humanitarian truce proposed by Israel.  Sami Abu Zuhri sent a text message to reporters Saturday, saying: “No agreement to extending the calm for an additional four hours.

VIDEO – LT. Col. Oliver North responds:

  • “The first 3 cease fires were all violated by Hamas.”
  • “Insuring the cease fire can continue is less the responsibility of the UN, than it is Israel; since the UN has proven it cannot be trusted.
  • “UN insisted  (as humanitarian supplies – much of it paid for by US) that concrete had to be brought in to allow them to rebuild Gaza.  Of course, it didn’t rebuild anything above ground; it was all put into tunnels, arsenals and storage facilities for rockets.”
  • When the two Hamas schools, in Gaza, were found to have rockets in them; those rockets were then handed back to Hamas.”
  • “The reality of it is, Hamas is not doing anything to further their own cause in this.”
  • “Israel is waging it’s own self defense because of the ineptness of the United Nations at being able to control anything.”

WATCH –

Hillary Clinton on the Gaza Conflict: 

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