The Latest ISIS Target: 130,000 Flea Syria into Turkey

Pray for all who settle in Turkey.  Turkey will be part of the Antichrist coalition in the last days (Ezek ch 38-39).

With their villages under siege by the Islamic extremists, Syrian Kurds  flea to escape what’s been described as ‘ethnic cleansing;’ only to be met by barbed wire and the sound of warning shots.  But with these images being broadcast to the world, Turkish authorities relent, allowing them in.  Attached Video.  

The flow of refugees fleeing Syria into Turkey, to escape ISIS advance, has reached an unprecedented level in the past two days, a U.N. official said Sunday.

Humanitarian officials counted “well over 70,000” crossing the Syria-Turkey border starting Friday and into Saturday, with more coming, Batchelor said. “Not everyone has been registered.  It may even be over 100,000 people.”

The number of Syrian refugees now in Turkey is approaching 1.6 million “and quite frankly, we don’t know when those numbers will end,” she said.

The ongoing bloodshed, by ISIS, is provoking a large scale humanitarian crisis in the region.

President Obama is set to press the global community for more action at the UN on Wednesday.  He will pitch a sweeping new resolution to fight terrorists which will include:

  • Placing global travel bans on would-be Jihadists
  • Freezing their assets
  • Punishing uncooperative countries with sanctions

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