Finding Help for 400,000 Street Children

Imas Home 2

“But Jesus said, Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven.”  Matthew 19:14

This is a beautiful story of a man, children and God.  Please check the links provided below to find out how you  an help.

While driving through the crowded streets of Manila, Philippines, I heard God speak to me, “If you build it, I will use it not only for the salvation of children, but I will use those children to make a difference in their city and country.”  These words reverberated through my heart as I looked into the eyes of a young Filipino girl who was standing on a street corner just a few feet away from me, hands held out, silently begging for a few pesos.  She was only one of many children who were anxiously awaiting any help from the passengers in the cars that were stopped by the traffic light.  Through this experience, the need of this young girl penetrated my heart and opened a window of compassion that God took advantage of to plant a vision.

Traveling throughout Manila is always a unique adventure.  Even though I have visited this country several times over the past fifteen years, the millions of people who live in such a compact area are still overwhelming to me.  The roads are teeming with cars, buses, motorcycles, and bicycles.  Because of this crowded condition, it is quite challenging to navigate the city, and at times, can take hours to travel only a short distance.   It was during one of these trips, while inconveniently confined for hours inside taxis, traveling this congested city, that I was forced to take notice of the hopeless plight in the eyes of these children.  At every major intersection, they were in the road, walking among the cars, selling rags, chick-lets, pork-rinds, strings of fresh flowers, and cigarettes.  The youngest of these children however were not selling anything; they were beggars.  Over the course of a day, I realized I had witnessed hundreds of children in the streets.  Where were their parents?  Why were these children allowed to be so close to traffic?

Immediately I began to feel a curiosity and concern well up inside me.  All of a sudden, I was no longer ‘a guest minister from another country participating in a leadership conference’.  Instead, I was confronted with a need so great that it was impossible for me to separate myself from it.  I was no longer comfortable.  There were so many questions, and I needed answers:  “Who are these children and where did they come from? Where are their parents and families? Why are they allowed to beg and sell items in the streets unsupervised?”

I still remember the shock I felt when I was told they were abandoned “street-children”…orphans.  As the reality of their dilemma settled upon me, I became so burdened. After all, some of these children were only four and five years of age. With each stop, at every intersection, painful questions bombarded my mind.  “Where will that little boy sleep tonight? Does that small girl have any dry clothes, or will she have to sleep in those cold, wet clothes that she is wearing?  Who will comfort these children when they feel afraid and alone?  How and why did this happen?… What can I do?”  Read More here.

VIDEO link here:  Pastor Jim speaks about Ima’s Home For Children

Ima's Home

If you have been searching to give back, here’s your chance.  Is there a better way to spread the holiday spirit or ring in a fresh, new year than to give to a worthy cause?  Might there possibly be another reason you landed on this page; a higher calling to the rest of us to help?  God’ timing is perfect.

Check out the magnificent seed God planted in pastor James Kilgore, III, of Houston, here.

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