Outrage after President Obama Compares ISIS to the Crusades at National Prayer Breakfast

“But blessed are those who trust in the LORD and have made the LORD their hope and confidence.”  Jeremiah 17:7 (NLT)  

AOL:  President Barack Obama set off a firestorm Thursday morning by comparing ISIS barbarity to the Crusades.

During his prayer, President Obama went as far back as the 11th Century, “And lest we get on our high horse and think this is unique to some other place, remember that during the Crusades and the Inquisition, people committed terrible deeds in the name of Christ.”

But his equivocation fell on outraged ears.  Reaction to the remarks was swift and fierce.

Conservative firebrand Michelle Malkin led the charge:  “ISIS chops off heads, incinerates hostages, kills gays, enslaves girls. Obama: Blame the Crusades,” she wrote on Twitter.

Many pointed out the Crusades were in response to violence perpetrated by Muslims, and that they also happened 800-1,000 years ago.

Writer/Film maker, Dinesh D’Souza posted on Facebook:   “The Crusaders recaptured Jerusalem from Muslim conquest—so Muslims are responsible both for ‪ISIS and the Crusades!”

“When you have to go back that far for an example, you’ve made the point that Christianity doesn’t engage in such behavior,” R.D. Brewer tweeted.

Ex-Muslim Imam, Dr. Mark Christian, founder of Global Faith InstitutePens a fiery Open Letter to the American leader.

  • I wonder if your “courage” goes so far as to blame Muslims for the Islamic conquests? Do you have the guts to tell them that in the name of Allah, they invaded nations, practiced ethnic and cultural cleansing, going so far as to erase the very history of conquered lands. Can you tell them that they changed languages and names, enslaved millions and killed an unknowable number of innocent souls simply because they worshiped God, and not “Allah?” I think not. You know Christians will bow their heads and pray for you whereas Muslims will simply take your head and celebrate.”

Franklin GrahamIn response to the president’s parallel between radical Islam and Christianity, Rev. Franklin Graham said:

  • “Mr. President–Many people in history have used the name of Jesus Christ to accomplish evil things for their own desires, but Jesus taught peace, love and forgiveness.  He came to give His life for the sins of mankind, not to take life.  Mohammad on the contrary was a warrior and killed many innocent people.   True followers of Christ emulate Christ—true followers of Mohammed emulate Mohammed.”  

Act For America linked President Obama’s closed door meeting at the White House with 14 Muslim Americans for a discussion on civil rights, anti-Muslim bias and extremism, to his prayer breakfast remarks about Christianity’s “past atrocities” … as no coincidence.

An interesting take-away is that some understood the president’s comments to mean he is finally linking ISIS to ‘Islam.’


The Beast of Revelation

Armageddon News (Facebook):  As you can see the Beast remained alive, as long as there was another Head/Empire to take over from the previous Head/Empire. It only died when it ran out of Heads/Empires. It was the final 7th Head (Ottoman Caliphate) which saw the End/Death/Wound of the Beast. Which simply means, that the Empires in the Middle East ended. The Beast will revive when the final head the Ottoman Empire/Caliphate is revived again. And the 7th Head/Empire rules again as an 8th.

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