Bible Prophecy: The Rise of Iran as a Military Power and Radical Religious Empire

Re-blogged Content by The Coming Bible Prophecy Reformation:  The Emblem of Iran (Persian: نشان رسمی ایران, neshān-e rasmi-ye Irān), since the 1979 Iranian Revolution.  It features a stylized Perso-Arabic script of the Arabic word “Allah.”

Iran Flag

The name of Allah as depicted on the flag of Iran (the Persian bear of Bible prophecy). The logo consists of four crescents, and a sword. The four crescents are meant to stand for the word “Allah.”

The ten horned composite beast in Revelation 13 has the feet of a bear.

We know, from Daniel 7, the bear historically represents Persia, whose name was changed to Iran in 1935.

The fourth [ten horned] composite beast, in Daniel 7:7, stamps the residue (militarily destroys) with its “feet” and the feet belong to the bear (Persia-Iran) in Revelation 13:2.

The beast is a religious empire, since it demands worship from the inhabitants of the earth.

The emblem of Iran reveals the deity (Allah) behind this religious empire to rise as a beast kingdom in the last days.

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