Mysterious, Woman-shaped Figure Spotted by Mars Curiosity Rover

Is it a shadow?  Is it a rock?  Or could it be a lady roaming around Mars?

NASA’s Curiosity Rover took an image of the Red Planet and captured a shape that bears a resemblance to a mysterious ghost lady walking on the planet’s surface.

The image found in the raw feed from the rover on the Jet Propulsion Laboratory’s Mars mission website shows a rocky wall on the fourth planet from the sun and . . . a human figure sort of standing on what looks to be a tiny rock precipice outcropping.

UFO Sightings Daily said “it looks like a woman partly cloaked.”  Upon closer viewing, the figure appears to be somewhat translucent, and “floating.”  More photos and videos can be seen at Area Zone 51 and UFO’s


Does the Bible tell us if there is life on other planets?

Matt Slick, founder of the Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry (, writes:

The Bible does not say if there is life on other planets.  It simply says that God created the heavens and earth and put man on it.  But this silence on the subject does not require that earth is the only place with life on it.  But then again, this doesn’t mean there is life out there either…

According to those abducted, the aliens are teaching theology.  The curious thing is that the theology is New Age theology, namely, that we are all divine, all evolving to higher levels of consciousness, that reality is what you perceive it to be, etc.  These are anti-Christian teachings.

Slick adds that many abductees are tied to the occult, as he was, and concludes that the “UFO phenomena . . .  is nothing more than a great deception that is slowly enveloping mankind.”

The writers of submit that aliens are demons who may bring about “the strong delusion of the end times,” spoken of in 2 Thessalonians 2:8-15:

Some Christian researchers have noted a striking similarity between some passages of prophecy in the Bible and the alien deception. I don’t personally like making firm prophetic doctrinal statements, or letting arguments rest based on debatable interpretations from the book of Revelation. But in case any of the proposed theories below could be correct, I would feel remiss in not presenting for your consideration what Christian research has theorized about how aliens and UFOs might fit into fulfillment of Bible prophecy in the last days.

AR goes on to point out “3 main topics in which aliens and UFOs have been proposed to have some significance” in Bible prophecy:

  1. Aliens in the Book of Revelation?
  2. UFO Abduction Used as an Explanation for the Rapture.
  3. Exogenesis – Claimed Alien Creator(s) of Humanity, Leading People to Unite and Worship the Antichrist.

After highlighting the 3 topics, AR concludes with a quote by Gary Bates and Lita Cosner, “Ufology: The World’s Fastest-Growing Scientific Religion?”

It is a mistake for Christians to be uninformed or to ignore the alien phenomenon. Belief in aliens is so prevalent that the church will be seen as irrelevant in this area if Christians can’t address the ‘reality’ for the culture on this topic.

Full Article here.

Christians should keep one thing foremost, in their mind, when questioning the truth of anything… the first thing Jesus told His disciples, when they asked Him what the signs of His return would be, was be careful not to be “deceived.”  (Matt 24:4).   Search the scriptures, pray, and ask the Holy spirit for wisdom, then turn to the focus of end time bible prophecy:  Israel.

Woman shape on Mars

mars-raw-image 2

Excerpts and sources: MashableOrlando Sentinel

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