Most Christians in America Now Support Homosexuality?

Jesus will return, after the great falling away occurs, and the Antichrist is revealed, according to 2 Thessalonians 2:3.   Hold on to your faith, help each other show love, don’t get into the habit of missing godly gatherings, rather encourage each other all the more since that day is drawing near.  “But If we continue to willfully sin, after we have received the knowledge of the truth, we are no longer under His grace, but should expect the same terrifying  judgment meant for Satan.”  (Hebrews 10:23-27)

Source, and excerpts from Christian Post:  

A comprehensive study, released by the Pew Research Center, has found that adults continue to overwhelmingly believe in God, but that support is declining.

Statistics from the 2014 religious landscape study, which polled 35,000 American adults, found that 89% of overall US adult population believes in God … down from 92% in 2007.

55% of adults said they pray daily, 53% said they find religion very important, 50% said they attend services at least monthly, with all numbers being down from 2007 statistics.

Adults who are religiously unaffiliated rose from 16% to 23%.

The poll also found that a majority of American Christians now support homosexuality, but less so on abortion.

In total 54% of all Christians agreed with homosexuality being accepted in society, which is up by 10 points from 2007.

Most Christian denominations remained opposite to abortion with the evangelicals and Mormons being the most opposed.

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